Invisible Now

"I'm not sure if this is clear or not. But I think I want to put the worst parts of me in the spotlight so I can laugh at them and encourage everyone else to laugh at them too. It robs all of that shit of its power. It takes a created world and tells the the absolute truth about it."
-An email from me to a friend, trying to explain my show.

Invisible Now had it world premiere as part of Lifeline Theatre’s 20th Annual Fillet of Solo Festival in January 2017.


Invisible Now will have a limited three-week run at Jackalope Theatre's The Frontier!

Performances are from Friday, March 17 through Saturday, April 1, 2017. Tickets are $10 with 100% of the proceeds going to Cathedral Counseling Center (more info below).

Invisible Now runs 50 minutes without an intermission. Calendar and tickets here.

The Frontier is located at 1106 W Thorndale Ave and is just a few steps from the Thorndale Redline Station and the #36 Broadway Bus.

Written and Performed by Kevin Crispin
Directed by Christopher Marcum
Sound Design by Nick Kawahara
Lighting Design by Diana Kaiser
Stage Managed by Lindsay Brown
Produced by Lauren Sivak

As mentioned above, 100% of the proceeds from this run will be donated to Cathedral Counseling Center

Cathedral Counseling Center helps people make sense of their lives during difficult times through professional, affordable mental health care.  As an Illinois non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, we offer individual, couple and group therapy with experienced licensed professionals, as well as psychiatric evaluation and medication management.  Our sliding-scale fees are based on the client's ability to pay - because everyone deserves access to affordable care.  We’re here to help, and provide services without regard to religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual orientation.  For more information, or to support our work, visit

Thank you to those who, with their generosity, have made this show possible:

Adam Lindsey
Aliza Scott
Ann Hamilton
Anna Goller
Annie Dawson
Aparna Bhaduri
Ashley Wint
Audrey Chan
Becca Cox
Brock Leach
Caitlin Kurokawa
Carolina Bucarey
Cesar Mejia
Cheryl Hanson
Chris Ching
Chris Lynge
Claire Melvin
Courtney Hehn
Damien Mattson
David Kendall
Dom Pasta Sr
Emilie Bouvier
Erich Hehn
Erin Cornelius
Erin Rogers
Gail Wright
George Schiewe
Heather Rea
Janes Bumgardner
Jeff Galfer
Jenn Lindsey
Jenn Onofrio
Jenny Carroll
Joe Buttry
Joe Conway
Joel Benjamin
John Goforth
Jon Crispin
Jon Smith
Jonathan Evans
Kari Kantor Jacob Harding
Katie McIntyre
Keith Gatchel
Kelly Harding
Kelly Messer
Kim Haymes
Kristen Bruno
Kristin Moore
L. Austyn
Laura Campbell
Laura Skinner
Linda/Wayne Masters
Luke Fountain
Mackenzi Schumann
Mark Doerr
Matthew Dolkart
Matthew Walsh
Michael Coale
Michael Heath
Michael Melvin
Mike Meyer
Nathan Thompson
Neda Raji
Nicole Viggiano
Patrick Duerinck
Paul Drmaree
Paul Jenkins
Rachael McDermott
Ron Naverson
Ryan Aherin
Ryan Hanson
Ryan Schiewe
Sagarika Prusty
Sally and Lou Netemeyer
Sara Samson
Shaun McMillan
Shawn Slade
Thailand Cushing
Tim and Lori Fink
Tony Kolodziej